Prexma – Agency for International Marketing and PR

Prexma is a German Marketing, PR, Communication and Internet Agency, specialized in creation and implementation of market development strategies through the integration of innovative cost effective technology and human skills.

An experienced group of consultants at prexma is able to help you enter the German and Indian Market in diverse products ranges such as:

  • Tourism
  • Clothing
  • Textile
  • Handicrafts
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering Goods
  • Solar Energy

Prexma has come a long way  in the development and implementation of marketing solutions since its inception as an Internet Agency in 1995.

With its head office in Düsseldorf, and network offices and associates in India and Brazil prexma is able to provide a global solution for businesses in varied sectors.

We create unique PR and Communication strategies, which provides small and medium enterprises a great opportunity to optimize their marketing investment in a crowded marketplace with maximum impact. Prexma offers a wide range of services from Market Research, Corporate Communication, Social Media Management, Exhibition Promotion, Advertising and PR, Human Resource Management  towards Market Entry preparations. Prexma has recently diversified in the sector of Product Sourcing and Quality management.

The Founders

Neena Hartmann
Neena HartmannPR & Marketing Solutions

“The booming Indian Subcontinent is offering numerous chances and possibilities. Not only the Global players but many small and medium sized companies are looking at India with great interest. Although India is only 7 to 8 hours from any city in Europe there are many corporate and cultural differences for which active support on both sides of the continent is required. Prexma has made India its business. Taking into consideration the years of experience  it is not too much if we  say ‘We know our customers and market.’ The USP of Prexma is its own working experience, understanding and the proximity to India and Germany. It is the Indian roots with German understanding that makes the real difference. “

Alexander Hartmann
Alexander HartmannInternet and IT Solutions

“To achieve maximum impact we bundle Advertising, Marketing, Communication and PR activities with innovative cost effective technology and processes.  The World Wide Web is a global marketplace, and globalization is the key drivers for electronic commerce. Global Online Communities are changing the way our society interacts, at a local and global level. Participatory journalism and user generated content provide us with the means to observe record and dissect the expectations and wants of a virtual individual. The qualified DIALOGUE is the CONTENT! In this information Age local and Theme communities are fulfilling the needs of a virtual visitor by providing a trusted place and situated information.”

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Better opportunities with Professional support !

Numerous long term Projects are a result of our dedication and intensive interaction with our clients. We provide advice and guidance on the most effective means and manner of entering the Indian and German market and achieving business plan objectives at an investment level significantly lower than traditional approaches. We are not just about Marketing fundamentals, Content, Communication, Technology or the Internet, We know our customers and their business.
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